04 February 2018

Wodociąg Marecki sp. z o. o. will issue revenue bonds

DS Consulting Sp. z o. o. had the pleasure of serving as an advisor to  Wodociąg Marecki Sp. z o. o.  in an issue worth up to PLN 29 million.


As part of the 3-year program, DS Consulting comprehensively handled the entire process, from preparing the model and financial projections, through obtaining offers and meetings with financial institutions, to negotiating the final provisions of the program documentation.

Rafał Szporko from DS Consulting : Revenue bonds are still a little-known instrument today. Municipal companies are listed in the catalog of potential issuers, and the advantage of the instrument is statutory solutions that provide greater protection for investors (bondholders) than in the case of ordinary bonds. This includes: about the right of bondholders to satisfy their claims with priority over other creditors or the impossibility of selling the assets of the project if it would lead to a significant reduction in the value of the project. Thanks to this, issuers can avoid other troublesome security measures, e.g. guarantees from local government units or the so-called support contracts.

The revenue bond issue program agreement was signed on February 1 for the period until the end of 2034.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the projects implemented by DS Consulting.


District Court Gdańsk-Północ
in Gdańsk, 7th Commercial Division of the National Court Register. Share capital PLN 50 thousand PLN was paid in full

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